Why You Should Not Go To Car Window Tinting

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And passenger side and often Car window tinting it can be it’s often different than how dark can this window be than this window so there’s the front window side window and there are all the rear side windows and they’re lumped together in one group now the best place online to go and find out what the laws are on your state is tinting laws calm so I recommend them but there are a lot of them if you just do a google search on Kent well tinting laws and your state Florida California New Mexico’s San Diego.

Sanford sit in San Diego Sun City South Dakota wherever your state of home residence is that has jurisdiction over you so window tinting laws calm has a nice list they keep it up to date and you can find out what the laws are on your state however one of the people think is and say in the common is turning out to be a myth is that if you travel it’s the home state that has jurisdiction so if you travel to a state where you’re illegal and you’re still legal in your home state they won’t give you a ticket turns out that isn’t true there are states that they will give you a ticket if you break the law in their state even.

If you don’t break the law in your home state so I think the majority of the time that’s true so do everything and you’re going to spend most your time most of you will spend most your time in your own state so choose this the laws in the state where you’re the most your home state even if that’s not where you’re the most choose that and whatever your license plate says choose.

That state then you can argue the officer but officer I’m legal in my home state it may not work in most states it will in a few states it won’t in some states you’re it’s a it’s an income source giving tickets for tinting laws and so they’re going to give you a ticket even if you are not even if even if you’re legal in your home state but illegal in that state I’ll give you one example that I read about New York State.