Ultimate Revelation Of Bathroom Remodeling In New Jersey

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Gray stuff a little stronger Think for the cement board and then you just come behind it using all-purpose joint compound just smooth out the edges go over it in the fiber tape and the joint compound holds everything together plus it helps smooth out the seams so this seam here where it buckles up is getting a lot of extra dry compound hereto help it get smoothed out and get some more in here than the Kudzus.

so this makes the entire bathroom remodel photo gallery wall nice and smooth okay next thing I’ll show you I had guy come in to do the text dream for the wall so above the tile would be this awesome textures and there’s lots of different options but when he was in here also helped complete or I guess improve the the muddling of the rest of the drywall and he is an expert so areas like this that had a little bit of smoothing mud on now have a lot because he was really good and he offered to do it at a really good price so I had him go through.

And do that first and just correct a few issues really smooth out the wall a little bit less time overhear because he knew that we’d be putting tile up and there’s some extra mud here just because he was doing some experimenting and showing me some different things but he went through handmade some of these areas really smooth where we just didn’t get quite enough down here he spent a little bit extra time on some of these areas after that he did the texturing and he did the what’s called the Santa Fe texture on the walls above the tile as well as the ceiling there’s three or four different things that he showed me typical orange peel texture in there was some things he could.