Things You Should Do For Bathroom Remodeling Success

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I’m Rob Robillard please subscribe to this video Channel and on our next video we’re going to talk about Basco shower door installation a glass installation how about you, you can help me.

So we’re going to remodel this bathroom it’s like I said little guy about five feet wide height feet long just touch a junky little thing so we got this window that doesn’t open or shut.

It was I got to the drywall or something that’s cracked shower head made for four-foot wooden cabinet that doesn’t match the white tile the only access to plug ins being this one up here linoleum on the floor.

He wasn’t ever installed correctly leaky toilet that won’t stop blinking so we have a rag down there that lid that we just can’t seem to say call it vanity too big for this bathroom right up against the tub stained tub.

We just can’t get clean the mold in the caulking that won’t come out no matter what you use on I mean this bathroom is disgusting to even come in here like you’ll be sitting there on the pot flush the toilet and you can watch water or something gargle up Bathroom remodeling companies.