Noisy pipes in an old bathroom

Can cause distress to inhabitants of your home. Old loose pipes can make disturbing noises in the event of flushing your toilet or running hot or cold water. Don’t delay this renovation job if it is possible! The movements of the worn out pipes in the wall can be very harmful to your environment and will annoy your neighbors too.

Fix the issue with renovating your bathroom first

You can’t build a house on sand as they say. They referring to the fact, that solid foundation is needed in order to accomplish your buildingĀ goals. There is a big difference in actually renovating your bathroom or just a temporary easy fix. That way you can be sure, your efforts will pay off in the long-term and you don’t have to worry about additional fix-ups, which probably will never end.

When to install sound isolation

The best time to install the isolation material on the bathroom pipes is when the walls are carved out and prepared to have the water pipe system installed. Once that is done you can apply the extra isolation method on the joints and other parts which can cause noise when water pressure is high. Don’t forget, we are talking about complete system switch and not just a regular bathroom remodeling project.

old bathroom water pipe rusted

This is how old pipes look like, before bathroom remodeling

After the work is done

And just before the builders are ready to start tiling you have to make sure that you laid down the isolation material in the correct way. This is the point of no return… or costly return. Once you have the tiles on the walls, it will be impossible to correct any mistake without ruining the expensive tile work.

The main conclusion is to plan ahead every step carefully. After the pipe job is done there is no need for adjustments in the future just to enjoy your flawless and quiet water system in your house.

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